Your billing, one click away!

Access the app on your smartphone or tablet via browser and use all the features, stress free.

Envie e altere documentos

Issue, send and edit documents

Manage your invoicing on the go, wherever you are, on your tablet or smartphone. Mark invoices as paid, issue credit notes and send quotes to clients within minutes! All the features on the palm of your hand.

Leve os seus clientes consigo

Take your clients with you

The more clients, the merrier. And if you have to contact any of them, do it on the spot. Another advantage of responsive apps is the easy access to their data anytime you need. Say goodbye to notebooks and pending matters.

Consulte a sua facturação

Check your invoicing

Follow up on your invoicing, treasury situation and debtor clients in a quick and intuitive way. With this global view of your business, you can schedule email and sms overdue reminders or send thank you messages right away.


Issue invoices with just a click!
Issuing invoices is a quick and easy process. And I can’t forget about the support team. They always help me in the blink of an eye.

Patrícia Simões - doSEMENTE